NO. By law in Maryland, you can use the shop of your choice. Insurance companies set up Direct Repair Programs where they enter into agreements with the shops of their choice, where they can set prices and often receive discounts. While it saves the insurance company time and money, this does not always translate into the best repairs for you, THE CUSTOMER. When choosing a shop base your choice on the quality of repair and service, not what’s best for your insurance company.
Does Classic have DRP programs?

Yes, we have several. Through trial and error we have found the companies that share our dedication to quality repairs and dedicated customer service and we have formed solid relationships with them. Are focus has always been our customers, and we will work with most any willing insurance company. Please call to inquire about our specific partners.

For the mechanical operations we are not equipped to handle we use Tolker Automotive. They are housed in the same building as Classic, and they not only handle our mechanical needs for customers, they also service our personal vehicles as well.

In most cases, on an insurance claim, your policy will determine what kind of parts we are able to use. On self-pay jobs, the customer may request a certain type of part, as long as it is available.

We use Enterprise Rental Car and NextCar. They both will pick up/drop off from our office when you drop your car for repairs.

Prices vary widely depending on the amount of body work required. It is an expensive process to paint an entire vehicle, and often ranges from $2000-$4000.

We do not give estimates or prices over the phone. To get an accurate price for repairs we need to see the damage (in person) as well as obtain information from your vehicle.

Most often competing estimates will vary in price. This is due to the differences in estimating systems, repair processes and other outside factors. It is important when you have more than one estimate to note the labor hours as well as what kind of parts the shop will be using. At Classic we strive to write as complete an estimate as possible from the beginning. This helps cut repair time in many ways.