The Repair Process


1. Getting An Estimate

“I Need An Estimate…”

Call and set up an appointment for an estimate
Provide shop with insurance information if applicable…

Our estimates take about 15-20 min.
When the estimate is complete we will let you know how long we think the repair will take

Set a date to get the repair
If need be we can set up a rental or make arragnments to drop you locally


“I Already Have An Insurance Estimate…”

Provide Us With A Copy Of The Estimate
Either drop, fax or email

Determine A Date For Repairs
With an insurance job, time of repair, rental coverage, and supplement process all effect when we can take a car for repairs

Drop Your Vehicle for Repairs
If need be we can set up a rental or make arragnments to drop you locally


2. The Repair

“When Will My Car Be Ready?”

We Will Give You An Estimated Completion Date When You Drop Off Your Car
We will do everything we can to reach that goal, but several factors effect the date your vehicle is ready

We Can Provide Customer’s With Updates Via Phone, Fax or Email
When there is a change or additional repairs/parts needed we will update the customer the same day

We Provide Secure Indoor Storage For All Vehicles During Repairs

Vehicle Delivery

3. Vehicle Delivery

“What Do I Owe?”

We Will Discuss What Is Owed for The Repairs When We Call For Delivery
This will vary depending on wether it is an insurance or self pay job


This includes insurance jobs, so be sure to make sure everything is in order prior to pick up. We will arrange for supplemental payments on insurance/ corporate jobs

We Accept Cash, Checks, Visa, MC, AMEX, Discover

If You Can’t Make It Before Closing Arrange For An After Hours Pick Up